Monday, November 16, 2009

It's been awhile... but thats okay.

Highlights for catch-up:
  • Homecoming - awesome.
  • Grad School Semester 2 almost over - absolutely.
  • Almost settled on a new church - wonderful.
  • a surprise night with Reba - stray from coveting this.
  • High school play-off game - highlight of semester
  • Researching etiologies and strategies of Autism Spectrum Disorders - well.. it's as it sounds.
  • My "grad school friends" transferring from that title to the title of "friends". - Most enjoyable fact of the list.
  • Still missing undergrad - of course
  • Angela Broaddus getting married in less than a week - perfect.

I have several thoughts going on in my head. I don't feel I'm at a spot to articulate them yet though. Maybe it's one huge insightful something or several shallow nothings... but at least I can reassure myself that my neurons are synapsing, my pyramidal and extrapyramidal systems are intact, and my hippocampus seems to be in fine shape. Sometimes though... you just need time to sort it out.

6 out of 15 of our immediate DDD family - Dominance is an understatement.

"Here's your red dress, fancy don't let me down" - old women were tipsy singing this at the top of their lungs. Of course, then there was the couple beside me who spoke russian and looked like they had lost a bet.

It's not unknown that I was that girl in the stands at CHS football games that knew every move to every cheer. I enjoy school spirit. I enjoy rowdiness, heckling, and winning while doing it. Thank you Chad Cooper for getting me back into a high school football setting. I absolutely loved it. Maybe too much. Go Montgomery Bears!!

^ That's 3 generations of #2s. Montgomery football shall never be the same. Those are 2 very proud bubbas.

There shall be more... soon. Very, very soon.

I leave you with this: One time, sophomore year, Jordan Zelios was waiting on Bethany Fowler to get ready... SHOCK. :) So Jordan decides to hurry the process. Did she...

A. Go and pull bethany by her pony tail all the way to the car.

B. Complete some homework assignment that would take an average person 4 hours, and Jordi 15 minutes.

C. Appeal to the West Texas side of her roommate and scream: "Beathany, get your good slippers on... we're going to Wal-mart!"

C = success. And my favorite quote... ever.