Monday, October 5, 2009

I am coming in this strange reality that I might maybe may be on the road of adulthood. For example, I got up at 6:00am to make breakfast, shower (woh), finish reading an assignment, dressed in presentable clothing and was at work by 8:00am. A workplace that I took the Tollway to no less. The tollway. Are you kidding me? I'm paying to drive on a road when I could ride on others my parents paid for already over the last few years. But alas, I drive on this road everyday, to and from work, to and from school.
I miss being bored. I miss being surrounded all the time. I miss knowing exactly what Susan was doing just by hearing her walk around her room upstairs. "oh she must be looking for our rush shirt for today" I would think if several drawers closed within a few seconds of each other. I really miss thinking midnight was a great time to start to think about going to bed... IF everyone else was.
Waco is missed. George's, Crickets, the Tridelt room.. yeah, I said it, Harris Creek Baptist Church, and oh that Student Life Center.. how I love thee. I even strangely miss having people I hardly knew come over for group projects. Always slightly awkward, but nevertheless... missed.
But this isn't about those things. This about being shaped by those things. Those people. Those experiences. So that the people I come into contact with today get a much better version of me, because hopefully I am more full, more alive, and more willing than ever. Jesus may have something to do with it as well. So here it is.. the last of my wallowing in what I wish still was.
Pensacola, FL.. favorite week ever.

The Bugs will always be superior to the trashmen. Always.

Freshmen year bid day...(sigh)

and wallowing is... finished.

"Something new is happening inside us."

-Rob Bell, Velvet Elvis

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  1. Let me be the first to say that I got to watch this growth from a distance, and I'm impressed at the complete, sweet young lady that you have become.