Saturday, October 17, 2009

Texas Fight

In honor of my first favorite team of all time.. ever... I must relive my favorite UT memories. And again re-visit my thought process and why I decided not to go there.

- I could tell the play-by-play of the entire 4th quarter of the Big 12 Championship game of 1997 when they played Nebraska. I think mom put a hole in dad's shirt when she cheered too long and left the iron on it.
- I wore a UT cheerleader jersey every visit to austin, and everyday I was there and every Saturday of football season, for several years.
- My first phrase as a baby... Boo Aggies. (I think my mom is embarrassed of this fact)
- My mom used to try and yell the "nice version" of the Texas Fight song when I was little so I didn't know that everyone was actually screaming "Give Em Hell."
- I saw Roy Williams's last game his junior year versus A&M. It was amazing! The whole stadium chanted "Stay Roy Stay" as he took a victory lap around the stadium. My brother leaned over to me and said "You know you're a stud when the top program in the country is begging for you to stay."
- I saw Ricky Williams break the all-time rushing record versus A&M. Some men behind me had tears in their eyes. It was beautiful.
- My cousin Ashley and I would make up those clap-game-motion-things to lyrics about the Longhorns. You know.. like "I went to a Chinese restaurant to buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread..." Well our version would go something like "We went to austin texas, to beat the heck out of A and M..."
- All my mom wanted for Christmas was a blown-up and framed picture of Vince Young and the National Championship game... so that's what she got.
- When we weren't at the actual game, Thanksgiving in Sweetwater surrounded by Longhorn fans made for some of the funniest moments I've ever witnessed of my uncle, dad, brother, mom and cousins.
- I knew I loved Travis when he told me he going to go to UT, but then decided Baylor was best for him. Thank you Jesus.

Even if A&M and/or OU had the best program for my field.. I couldn't go there. Not because I would be disowned from my family. I would just feel... dirty. Gross.

All of that to say: Yes, I will fling my green and gold afar. But I will always love my horns.
Mom and Dad: mission successful.

Texas Fight, Texas Fight! It's goodbye to A&M.
Texas Fight, Texas Fight! We'll put over one more win

Texas Fight, Texas Fight

It's Texas that we love best!

Give Em Hell!

Give Em Hell!

OU Sucks!

And it's goodbye to all the rest!

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  1. Lindsay! I am loving your blog :)
    Keep it up, and good luck with that crazy schedule and awesome study you're doing!