Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where my mind is at

My mind is exactly what it should be on. You know when those coaches would yell "where in the world is your head at!?" loud enough for everyone --even the people that didn't understand the sport--to know that you are doing terrible. Or when Tom Hanks yells at his player Evelyn in the movie A League of Their Own... I will quote if from memory for those who have missed out:

Tom: "Evelyn!... Evelyn!"

E: "Yeah.."

Tom: "Which team do you play for?"

E: "Oh well I'm a Peach"

T:"Well I was just wondering, because I was trying to figure out why you'd throw home, when we've got a 2 run lead! You let the tying-run get to second base! and we lost the lead because of you! Now you start using your head! That's that lump 3 feet above your ass!"

It of course goes onto the most popular phrase in my family: "Are you crying!? Are you crying!? There's no crying! There's no crying in baseball." Except you may insert whatever it is that you don't want somone crying about in place of baseball... and WELCOME TO THE FAM!

Anywho, all of that to say: I could answer that question today confidently knowing I'd get a smile from some coaches... the answer: flag football. Which is exactly where my mind is suppose to be at this time of year. At this point for the last 4 years my Fall was consumed with practices, team dinners, and tunnels not made by parents but sorority friends ( I would say sisters, but I still think thats weird). It's absolutely ridiculous that grad students find themselves too busy for this incredible game.

I have this weird memory with sports. I can literally tell you play-by-plays from years ago.

For example, I remember when my best friend Shelly Brown was going down to score for the Lethal Weapons when we were playing The Big Green in soccer. (age.. 8? 9? 10? who knows) Let me preface this by saying we were awesome. Okay.. so Shelly is dribbling on the right side of the field, their goalie who always annoyed me with how loud she was, came literally screaming out from between the posts. Shelly then, without turning around or looking, steps on the ball and pushes it back to Kate, distracts Zena Warrior Princess for Kate to score instead of her. It was amazing. But actually, Kate's ball sailed about 15 feet above the post. I still remember it though.

Back to flag football...

I don't know what it is. It gave me two knee injuries, and my parents fabulous medical bills. I think it was being apart of a team again. Or maybe being able to dig down and truly sweat for a purpose instead of just running to run. Or it could have been the names of our plays... yeah that could have been it. Yes, we had a playbook. A playsheet for the coach, and a playbook our center would keep. It was an amazing system.

Bread and Butter




Reverse Squared

Fake Reverse... pattern maybe?

There were at least 15 we memorized. But "Mullet" will always hold a special place in my heart. Bethann to jordan.. 5 yard pass. And as soon as some ditzy (sorority to remain nameless) thought she had jordi down, I would be off halfway down the field. It was pure glory everytime. Yeah yeah.. so it's a hook and ladder.. but we thought it was genius.

Needless to say.. I could use an annoyingly bright yellow tridelt jersey right about now... I sure wish we had "alumni games". You know.. homecoming. Ateam versus the alum. It might make my life.

I think I'll go look up exactly what intramural sports these "Comet" people play. My guess.. chess and ping pong. Go Comets.

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