Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My brother comes home with 5 GINORMOUS steaks from Central Market. He is about to start the seasoning process when... "oh, i almost forgot" is muttered under his breath. I inquired "What?" very eloquently. He replied, "I almost forgot my Maker's."
"Seriously Craig"
"Lindsay, I'm preparing steak. It's what you do."

For those of you who don't know... this is Maker's:

I love living with my brother. For a couple of reasons:
1) I am educated with this type of information all the time. I mean, you just can't pay for that kind of stuff at a university.
2) Your parents have a one-stop shop for helping both you.

For example, this weekend, our parents are driving to come cook, clean, laundry, and shop for us as we both study. We are blessed. and possibly spoiled, though we would never verbally say that.
On another note, I am overwhelmed. Four classes. Two practicums. A job. And an independent study. Yet, no matter how weary I become, I am also overwhelmed by how lucky I am with these opportunities.
This independent study thing is new: may I expand? I'm too excited to not talk about it. I am beyond blessed to be paired with a SLP at UTD and two incredible people at Children's Medical Center as we put together a Resource Room for parents that have just found out their kids have autism. It's so cute! It has two little couches, two book cases that hold tons of articles, brochures, textbooks, and binders that contain different categories of information that parents have so many questions about initially. But what they don't have is current genetic research and current language findings and studies. This is where I read articles from Journals that are not available to the public, write them in a 5th-6th grade reading level summaries, and put together a binder to add to the room. Then I have to give presentations to a group of neurologists, psychiatrists and counselors that work on the psyche ward at Children's about what I have found that would benefit their practices.

I am 22. I feel I am unworthy, unintelligent, and immature to conquer such a thing. But I guess the truth is... I'm not suppose to do this on my own. I'm pouring prayers over this little room on the 9th floor that it will be used for HIS glory. For his presence to be felt to calm hearts of parents so that they know their child will be used to hopefully further the Kingdom, no matter their diagnosis. He has a plan. I may be summarizing genetic findings in autism, but I'm determined that people will walk away with so much more than new knowledge.
So if you need me.. that's where I am.. at Children's, praying and reading. Reading A LOT.

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